Dry heat Sterilizers for animal cages, equipment and more

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Dry heat Sterilizers for animal cages, equipment and more

Not only cages and equipment can be sterilized by Dry Heat Sterilizers (DHS); also bedding, clothes, diets, water bottles and much more.
Imagine that you can sterilize without steam. That would mean that you do not have a pressure vessel, no drains, no pit in the floor, no maintenance, much lower energy costs and lower initial costs.

Technicians in the lab animal science industry must continually sterilize their tools, surfaces, and equipment that comes in contact with the animals. Pathogenic or opportunistic microorganisms are dangerous to both the scientists and animals so stringent sanitation and sterilization requirements must be maintained. We supply advanced Gruenberg dry heat sterilizers that eliminate harmful pathogens, and have a variety of animal friendly features. Humane treatment and biological safety are important qualities, offered in our wide selection of chambers. Gruenberg lab animal science sterilizers provide the following benefits:

  • Smooth, quiet operation with noise-sensitive animals in mind
  • Multiple models feature economical construction and fast cycle times
  • A variety of sizes and temperature ranges allow solutions for a range of requirements
  • Custom chambers can process and sterilize with your needs and concerns in mind
  • Proven in the industry with real life results and data

In the USA there are now more than a hundred Dry Heat Sterilizers operational. We started in 2020 in Europe and at the moment there are already four Dry Heat Sterilizers working in Europe and others are being built at the moment for new customers. None of the users have seen somebody for maintenance.

Dry heat Sterilizers for animal cages, equipment

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