About 3at-bio

How it started

In 1994 3at-bio (formerly Triple A Trading) was established as a producer and supplier of products for the biomedical sector. Important aspects for our product portfolio are *animal welfare, *ease of use and *care for the environment.

3at-bio started in 1994 with the production of Solid Drink®, a biological (vegan) water replacement gel for animals. Solid Drink® evolved into a range of products with various additives and as a drinking bottle replacement.

For the transport of animals, 3at-bio offers Transport Boxes made of reusable, autoclavable and recyclable AkyLux®.

3at-bio introduced the unique IVC rack systems of ACS which do not consume energy, is free of vibration and noise, the room will be free of odors and allergens and personnel will appreciate the lightweight design and easy maintenance. The future, already available now!

The Dry Heat Sterilizer (DHS) is a steam-free sterilizer that can be assembled and validated on site while the building remains intact. Other advantages of DHS: no steam, no water, no drain, no pit in the floor, no expensive annual maintenance and pressure test. The DHS is an economical solution for sterilizing your lab equipment.

For nutritional maintenance of animals ànd for special research projects, 3at-bio offers in the Netherlands, high quality special- and/or standard animal diets made by Altromin also in smaller quantities.

For Cage Enrichment, we have some very interesting items, *Mice Bunker *DomiceISLE *Mouse Tubes *Nesting Cotton for Rodents *RollNest – Portion controlled nesting on a roll * SheetNest – Flat nesting sheet.


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Available products & ingredients

All certified irradiated