Standard & Special Diets


3at-bio is exclusive supplier of ALTROMIN GmbH for the Netherlands.

Altromin produces high quality feed in its own factory and is specialized in producing feed for the bio technical market.
Since the company started in 1952, Altromin has developed more than 100,000 special diets at the request of customers. Of course, they also produce standard diets and distribute them worldwide.

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Standard diets are produced in the big Altromin factory. GMP- and ISO certificated. The latest technologies and automation techniques ensure the greatest security for Altromin standard diets.
Special diets are produced in the small Altromin factory. GMP- and ISO certificated. Special Diets can be produced in charges starting at 5 kg of various specifications. A computer-controlled formulation and weighing system supports the manufacturing process.

From the delivery of raw materials to the fully packaged product, all processes remain with Altromin in-house.

Altromin is also a supplier of high-quality bedding material.


We take care of the complete logistics

Upon customer request you receive your diets in irradiated condition. The respective specialist companies offer radiation doses of 15 or 25 kGy. We take care of the complete logistics for you. The Altromin packaging ensures that contamination is excluded. The irradiation certificate, as well as the gamma irradiation dot on the label (red is the prove of irradiation), prove sufficient gamma irradiation.

Available products & ingredients

All certified irradiated