ACS technology from Denver Colorado in Amsterdam.

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ACS technology from Denver Colorado in Amsterdam.

A comment from somebody working with Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC) racks, made by Animal Care Systems.

“I do this work for so many years now, that I first had to get used to working with cages in a triangular shape, but now I am so happy with these racks and cages. The exhaust of dirty and stinking air caused by mice, works so perfect that you really do not smell anything when you work with those racks and cages”. Comment by Mrs. Esther Kooijman of the Amsterdam UMC. Esther, thanks for sharing this.

We started to love the brilliant ACS technology back in 2011, when we entered a laboratory without the stink that we are used to smell but even more when we realized that the climate and circumstances in the cages with an easy airflow, is so perfect for the animals.
No use of electric power! No costs for maintenance. No ultrasound and no sound at all. No vibrations and more advantages. You can also see that it does not matter how many cages there are on the rack… it always works perfect.


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