Dry Heat Sterilization system


The smart alternative for a steam sterilizer / autoclave

3AT-Bio® is the exclusive distributor for the Dry Heat Sterilizers for lab-animal facilities of TPS/Gruenberg in Western- and Central Europe With a Dry Heat Sterilizer, lab animal cages, racks, bedding, diets and clothing can be sterilized with the following benefits compared to an autoclave:

Gruenberg® Dry Heat Sterilizers.

    • no steam or water
    • no pressure or vacuum
    • no pit in the floor
    • no drain for condensate return
    • no building fortification
    • flexible in designs
    • assembled inside your facilities
    • lower operational costs
    • very low costs for maintenance
    • validated sterilization cycles for assumed results


Traditionally, companies or institutes in the lab animal science field always have used autoclaves, which employ steam, vacuum, and pressure, to sterilize their tools and the cages that house the animals they study.

However, the lab animal science industry has seen an increased demand for more sustainable technologies. Gruenberg, is the global leader in providing efficient, effective and sustainable solutions to lab animal science market with dry heat sterilization technology.

Gruenberg’s Steri-Dry™ sterilizers use dry heat instead of steam to sterilize laboratory animal cages and other lab equipment in research and laboratory settings. Not only is dry heat sterilization most effective, but it is lower in both cost and energy consumption. The wide variety of dry heat Steri-Dry™ sterilizers are available in multiple sizes, modular, panelized and temperature ranges.

Offering patent-pending PRECISIONFLO® 100-percent-focused, forced-air convection technology, Gruenberg’s quiet, dry-heat sterilization for vivarium solutions offer a more environmentally sensitive, efficient, and flexible alternative to the high-pressure, steam-heat sterilization of autoclaves.

The Animal Care Services department of the University of Florida released a study performed at the Gainesville, Florida campus, supporting the use of dry heat sterilization as a viable sterilization method for rodent cages and bedding. Read the full study here.

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