Transport Boxes

Transport boxes

An innovative solution for the transport of your lab animals with the following specifications:

  • 100% Reusable Transport Box
  • Rigid and durable construction made of light weight AkyLux ®
  • AkyLux® is autoclavable up to 121˚C
  • Water resistant, non-toxic and chemical inert
  • Each box lid has a closable viewing hatch which has polycarbonate film
  • Side ventilation windows with wire-mesh protection and air filter sheet
  • For storage – and transport cost saving, boxes are delivered flat-packed (for road transport)
  • For air transport: fully assembled with wire-mesh in the entire interior.
  • The boxes are quick and easy to assemble without any tool (no staples, no glue, just by hands)
  • For all road transport boxes, a ½ divider is delivered free of charge.
  • 7 Outer box lid off
  • 1 FBBL open inspection hatch
  • 6 Big and small pyramid filled
  • 8-Outer-box-with-FBBL4-box-on-it-1-scaled
  • 8-Outer-box-with-FBBL4-box-on-it-1-scaled

Available products & ingredients

All certified irradiated