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3at-bio, formerly known as Triple A Trading, has been founded in 1994 and is supplying products for the life science sector. 3at-bio prioritize animal welfare, user-friendliness, and environmental responsibility.
The product range includes Solid Drink® (a vegan water replacement gel for animals), Transport Boxes, IVC rack systems, Dry Heat Sterilizers, high-quality animal diets, and durable cage enrichment items.

  • 3at Bio bio solutions in life science
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3at Bio bio solutions in life science


  • BSC
    A comment from somebody working with Individually Ventilated Cage (IVC) racks, made by Animal Care Systems. “I do this work...
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  • Dry heat Sterilizers for animal cages, equipment
    Not only cages and equipment can be sterilized by Dry Heat Sterilizers (DHS); also bedding, clothes, diets, water bottles and...
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  • 3at Bio bio solutions in life science
    What was the reason for changing the well-known name Triple A Trading after 31 years into 3at-bio? Mainly the word...
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  • RollNest
    At 3at-bio we are always looking for the better, smarter and environmentally friendly solution, born out of the richness to...
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  • 3at Bio bio solutions in life science
    In one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Tiel in the beautiful Betuwe region, we produce Solid Drink® in...
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