Solid Drink

Produced in our laboratory

Solid Drink® is produced in our laboratory in the Netherlands, from only sterile and biological (vegan) components and has a water content of over 97%. After production, Solid Drink® pouches are packed in a plastic bag in airtight buckets and then X-ray irradiated. Cups are packed per 6 in plastic bags, 5 bags per airtight bucket.

Water replacement Solid Drink® was originally designed as a solid water source to be used during shipment of animals and is used by many animal breeders.
By eating Solid Drink® during transport, animals will arrive at their destination with a minimum of weight loss and dehydration. In addition: by using Solid Drink® transport boxes will remain clean.


Nowadays, more and more animal facilities are replacing their drinking bottles for Solid Drink® to no longer have to fill the bottles and clean/wash bottles and drinking nipples.
This is an efficient way to have water in each cage.

Solid Drink® is available in a number of formulations i.e. for post-operative animals, or as an aid in the prevention of dehydration, or the need for extra energy or vitamins. On demand special formulations could be made.

SDBU-75 3at-bio.MCjpg
SDST-75 pouche

Available products & ingredients

All certified irradiated