New: our Mouse Tubes

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New: our Mouse Tubes

We have recently added a new product to our Cage Enrichment range, and it is our pleasure to announce our Mouse Tube! This wonderful product comes from our own production line, like our Mice Bunker.
The reason for us to start manufacturing our own cage enrichment products, is that these kinds of products often originate from countries across the ocean. That always has a negative effect on the price. Therefore, we ensure that we can offer these products at an affordable price.

Our Mouse Tubes provide a safe shelter for your mice, without compromising visibility during routine cage checks. Made of 3mm thick, high temperature polycarbonate, the Mouse Tube is built to withstand heavy use and is suitable for use in environments with one or more animals. They are produced with an injection mould, thus preventing sharp edges. The transparent design ensures that the visibility is not obstructed, while the red colour provides a sense of shelter for the mice. Our Mouse Tube is not just a shelter; It can also be used as a treatment aid, making it an ideal solution for separating individuals in multi-animal environments. You don’t have to grab a mouse by the tail this way to take it out of the cage.

In the meantime, the development of other products in the field of cage enrichment continues. We strive to always offer new products from our own production line. Soon you will hear more about new cage enrichment products offered by us.

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